Sarah G - Please Fuck Me

You flip me over and push your cock into my mouth, your hands tangled in my hair as you fuck my mouth and cum deep in my throat. I swallow it all and collapse back onto the bed, falling asleep again instantly. I wake up and I’m untied. I groggily roll over and realise you aren’t there so I fall asleep again. I am spread out face first. I wake to you gently stroking and kissing my back. I grumble slightly and roll over, looking at you with one eye open. You pick me up and carry me to the bathroom where you have run a bath for us. Gently lowering me in you get in behind me, letting me rest my head against your chest. I smile and lean back against you as you plant a loving kiss on my forehead. You lather my body up and clean me and I turn around and do the same to you. You step out and wrap a towel around yourself before wrapping one around me.

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