Millie Rose - Shower Shag

I opened my hot, wet mouth and licked the tip of his cock. Slowly running my tongue from the tip to the base before sticking it all the way into my mouth. I could feel his strong hands running though my hair, lightly pushing my head till he was almost fully inside my mouth, gaging me a little, I could taste his pre-cum, sliding down the back of my throat. One of my hands was helping my mouth as it moved back and forth, and I moved my other hand between my legs. I was dripping wet and not because of the water. I stuck two fingers inside my tight pussy a few times before pulling them out. I raised my hand above my head in a silent command as he bent down and sucked my salty sweetness from my fingers. I want to be in you, I heard him say as he lifted me off of my knees. He pushed me against the back of the shower wall and I smiled in anticipation.

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