Leah - Student Fantasy

My name is Alexis, better known as Lex. I've just turned 18 this past week, and I'm pretty tall for my age at 5"8. I have auburn hair that rests nicely atop my C cup tits and hazel eyes. Although I'm only 18, I'm a very sexual person and I always tend to go for people much older than me – almost always teachers. But, obviously, doing anything with a teacher is illegal. We've flirted back and forth before but that's as far as I've ever gotten. So you could imagine my surprise when a beautiful young woman made her way into my Art class and she wasn't a teacher. She was a student teacher - or rather a 20 something year old student from the city's university interested in teaching, but not yet legally a teacher.

She had shoulder-length light brown hair and the tips were dyed a faded red to the point it almost looked pink, her eyes were big and blue and her lips matched her faded red/pink hair. When I first met her, she was wearing a deep blue skinny jeans, black chunky heels and a dark red plaid top that accentuated her boobs, which seemed too big for a C cup, but too small to be D's. I walked into the classroom one Friday, and there she was. I felt like a hot mess next to her in my short navy tartan skirt, white button up shirt, ripped stockings and boots. "Who's that?" I immediately asked my teacher, Mr. Callum, as I sat down. "That's the student teacher, Miss Rose." She smiled the prettiest smile I've seen in my life and I sank into my chair. Over the next few weeks, nothing really happened. Ms. Rose seemed pretty quiet and shy and actually had a bit of trouble controlling our rowdy class. She seemed like an innocent, shy woman until one day mid-Autumn...

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