Katie Louise - Old Ties Pt1

She saw his hungry eyes perusing her figure under the robe and knew instantly to look for the slow swelling in the crotch of his pants. The poor baby. They hadn’t ever been intimate with each other when they’d dated, but he had always been like an open book. She and Sarah used to “accidently” rub against him in high school just to see him squirm as he tried to hide his erection. He was exceptionally clever and good looking but was totally unaware of how other girls felt about him. She had always known that he was attracted to her and although either of them could turn him on easily, she knew that he ached really for her. But the feeling had never been mutual. In fact she had always suspected that Sarah had harboured feelings for him, but wouldn’t say so. He was too unsophisticated back then, for their taste. Too simple and naïve about the world and insecure about his own place in life. Looking at him now, she could see that things had certainly changed for the better.

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